Youths adapt to high unemployment

by Langelihle Gwebu

The increase in the rate of unemployment in Zimbabwe has exacerbated over the past two years because of the deadly coronavirus. The country has been under 24 plus months under lockdown restrictions. Families have been failing to sustain their every day lives.

Youths under Ward 25 in Bulawayo have come up with innovative ways of earning a living. A number of entrepreneurial opportunities have been grabbed.

Mandla Dube aged 26 owns a car wash in front of her residential home. Fortunately his home is situated along the main road where there is too much traffic, which happens to be his main stakeholders.

Accessing water is no struggle due of the community boreholes installed a few meters away from his work place (car wash).

In an interview, he explained how it has alleviated struggles of sustaining him and his family. We can afford bread and milk on daily basis and my mother’s transport fare is catered for, ” he said.

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