Worry over the use of public transport during lockdown

by Mmabore Mogashoa

South Africa is in Iockdown level 3, people are being told to adhere to Covid19 rules but problem is,is using public transport safe now? We use public transport for short and long distances and since 2nd wave had started, liquor is not being sold but what about transport that we use every day. People go shopping, to work and visit different places using the public transport but it looks as if government forgot something. There is no social distancing in public transport. Yes people do wear masks but not keeping a safe distance in our public transport can make the pandemic to spread quickly. People open and close doors and windows, sanitizer is being used and sometimes not. Some drivers sanitize you when you get into a taxi and thats it. If 2nd wave is worse government should apply rules everywhere for the safety of the people.

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