Westgate residents in Harare bemoans poor roads

by Munashe O’brian Gutu and Kudzanayi Mavhumashava

In a most recent development in Westgate, Sandton area in Harare, members of the community now doubt the commitment of the Harare City Council towards road safety. The community road network has been reduced to craters of potholes much to skidding and veering off of vehicles, posing a threat to pupils who use the road daily.

This anomaly has remained unattended since 2017. The community is convinced that the authorities have failed to take up initiatives towards sprucing up the roads in violation of their right to development. One of the members of the community, Kudzanayi Mhavhumashava expressed his anger, registering that ” Our children are being exposed to accidents due to errant drivers and the problem of potholes has worsened the situation”. Other members, who preferred anonymity went on to blame the representatives of the constituency for their failure to account for the constituency.

Efforts to engage the authorities have hit the brick wall since they also bemoan the lack of funds specifically allocated for road infrastructure development.

In order to mitigate the effects of potholes, community motorists and youths alike have taken up initiatives to cover the potholes with river sad. However, the rain season has dealt a blow over all those temporary efforts by the community.

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