Water scarcity in some parts of Mogashoa village

Water is a basic need and people can’t live without water. On the 7th of  May 2019 at

Mogashoa village under Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality, Limpopo province in South Africa, some of the village members have to take wheelbarrow to go fetch water while others have water going in to their homes. Other sections of the village have water while others don’t. There are water pipes passing in front those sections without water to others and is painful for water to pass where you stay without getting even a litre. The old man who came to fetch water is from next to Semene river. The distance from the river and where he fetch water is long and he will also be happy to get clean water like other community members. We hope that after the elections people from the village will all have clean water. Some of the people still buy water. Water is used every day and with the level of unemployment in the communities others have no other option but to push wheelbarrows.

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