Water cuts in Tembisa undermine efforts to curtail the spread of the deadly virus

by Rapule Moiloa

I realised that water scarcity is fast becoming a challenge in Ekurhuleni, Tembisa, underming efforts to fight the spread of the deadly virus. It is worrying that this is happening at a time the government is encouraging citizens to constantly wash their hands. Ekurhuleni is one of the metros that is regarded a s a hotspots for the virus and in the absence of hand sanitizers and running water, what will people do? People in Tembisa pay rates and taxes every month but there is poor public service delivery especially water provision and one wonders if the municipality really care for the people.

Meanwhile, many people in Palm Springs In The Vaal, have been socialising through out the lock down and the more the lockdown is eased, the more people go about their normal businesses. easing of lock down the more people socialise. How i wish that people can be responsible enough to advise each other on responsible behavior in this crisis.

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