Victims of man made and of nature

by Rapule Moiloa

Reverlea is a township located in the south of joburg and it is one of the community’s in the south with issues of health because of mine dumps just like Diepkloof, Meadowlands and snake park. Facing other issues of natural disaster regarding past days or months rain has affected the community badly the community is forced to stay indoors because of flooding in the street and these only happens when it rains heavily.

Last week Thursday the affected residents had a meeting with COJ officials regarding the flooding of water and the word that came out is the Councillor is supposed to help or assist the affected community instead individuals want to take over these project. People are affected and suffering people want to feel their pockets with money rather than thinking about the poor, the affected and troubled but not in South Africa.

There are alot of issues around these project for the Councillor also wants to hijack these project its been years we’ve been complaining regarding these issues and yes we cannot control nature but something can be done to help the poor, the affected and the troubled I’m told.

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