Vandalized Rdp houses

by Rapule Moiloa

Having a home is what is what many people want to have the challenge is if one is unemployed can’t buy nor build a house nor rent a place to stay because of unemployment, but to register with the department of human settlement in order to be listed on the system.It’s unfortunate that Rdp houses are vandalized when there are so many people on waiting lists to be allocated a home, Rdp houses between Dube and Meadowlands hostel are vandalized and it’s tax payers money that is wasted. Some how is a delay to many people who have already registered for a house and end up building a shack where it is risky and these houses are vandalized by people who stay close by these Rdp houses and hence there’s a backlog for allocation and selling of these houses is a problem and also vandalism is a problem.

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