Unemployment in the community of  Kanyama

Written by : Precious Chileshe

Unemployment is the major problem that has affected the community of Kanyama and it’s causes,

  • low education and lack of skills is one of the causes of Unemployment in the community of kanyama,
  • low levels of entrepreneurship this has caused Unemployment for people of kanyama community,
  • slow economical growth this has contributed to lack of jobs in the community,
  • lots of undeveloped government sector

Unemployment in the community of kanyama has affected a lot of families,

  • it has created poverty through the loss of income and people tends to spend less,
  • it has promoted thefts and prostitution in the community
  • it has also promoted early marriages,
  • and cases of murder has increased,

Factors that must be considered to help the community of kanyama

  • make job seeking affordable,
  • make public employment work,
  • build general skills for everyone,
  • improve financial well-being for current and long term,
  • improve the growth of the economy,

Unemployment in the community of Kanyama has affected not only the people of Kanyama but the government at large.

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