Undesignated dumping site in Budiriro 4, a true reflection of poor refuse collection

Ruwarashe Makarara

There has been an emergence of an undesignated dumping site in Budiriro 4 area leading to Tabudirira and cabs road near the council paddock, in Harare.

This has been a cause for concern especially for the residents of Tabudirira and Cabs area due to accumulation of refuse just by the turn off which leads to those housing areas.

Refuse has not been collected in over 2 months which has led to people resorting to these illegal dumpsites.

There has been efforts a month ago to clear away the refuse that had accumulated which was a relief to those that use this dust road but it seems that as long as refuse is not being collected it is just a matter of time until the refuse blocks the road.

The better bulk of the refuse is plastic materials, diapers, broken glass and plastic bottles. These blow into the paddock area where cattle graze and polluting the paddock. There is no fencing to protect the paddock which makes it a hazard for motorists of Tabudirira and cabs when cattle invade on the road.

Solutions to these problems can be solved both by residents and local authorities. The clean city venture can be employed by residents and ensure that refuse is collected in their neighborhoods. It is also a good idea to sort out waste to allow easy disposal and recycling. This will take a long time to implement as residents and council alike lack the will power to ensure that refuse is collected and disposed of correctly to reduce harm to people and the environment.

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