Two drown as friends record a video

by Hazel

Two young men helplessly drowned in a river whilst their friends were recording a video with their phones.

A viral video that gives a sorry account of the tragic moment of two boys who sadly lost their lives while swimming in a river has sparked outrage after surfacing on the internet space.

It is said that the video is just 17 seconds. So the video in circulation on various social media platforms captures five young men, believed to be close friends, having a good time in a river on a bright afternoon.

While two of the young men were seen cautiously swimming at the shallow bank of the river, the three others decided to go farther into the steep section of the water, perhaps, to show off their swimming skills.

A sixth person who was busy recording the fun moment could be heard cheering on his friends, not knowing that tragedy was about to strike.

In the spur of the moment, the three young men who went far away could be seen struggling to stay float on the surface of the river as they began to drown.

Fortunately, one of them managed to swim ashore to join the two who were playing safe at the shallow section. However, the two others lost their lives as they sunk helplessly, amid gasps for air and calling for help.

The bystander who was filming them was heard urging on Ben to reach out to the two others friends drowning but he couldn’t return to retrieve them as he was equally battling for his life.

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