Time to take farming seriously

By Mmabore Mogashoa

I grew up in a village area and most of the time we ate food from our parent’s yards or fields. Things changed when there was no enough rain and by becoming an activist I started to understand why there was no rain. People have big yards/fields and because our area experience water shortages only few make gardens and some yards are only for livestock grazing. Our mothers used to plough crops and dry morogo for winter seasons so that we can eat pap with morogo or beans. Sepedi traditional food and drinks were made from what was planted. We didn’t want to eat morogo because as children we didn’t know the benefits of eating indegineous food. Our elders were strong and lived longer. We buy food that we don’t know how they are planted or how long they had been in tins/fridges. Most people are obese and suffer from lot of deseases because we consume junk/fast food or food that have grown/fed chemicals. We are natural farmers, now with poverty that is all over the world we need to start farming.

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