Empowering communities to tell their stories bears fruits

By Thokozile Mntambo
Government intervention is vital for waste industry https://ubumbanovoice.com/2018/11/governments-intervention-vital-in-the-waste-industry/
On the 7th of November I had an interview with Jozi FM where i aired my views on the significance of informal recycling in Thulani Snake park Soweto. I also expressed the need for government to regulate the waste industry so that community members are able to make a meaningful livelihood from collecting waste.
The councillor of Thulani Snake Park approached me and asked if I can present the matter during a community meeting and make a petition. He wrote a notice of motion pertaining to the buy back centre in terms of Rule 89 of the standing rules of council.
The notice read:
Ward 129, Thulani Doornkorp is one of the poorest wards in the city of Johannesburg. As a result some residents have resorted to making a living through the collecting waste.
There is a council resolution to establish a buy back centre .This will enable the supporting of residents in the ward especially those who are making a living through collecting recyclables.
* Buy back centre will facilitate economic growth.
*Economically depressed areas need intervention to address poverty
* buy back centres will contribute to IDP programme of increasing Jo’burg economy growth by 5 %
The Councillor then took this motion to the chamber and he sent an audio where he noted  that he was in agreement that Thulani Snake park  receives a buy back centre.
A buy back centre is a depot where individuals waste collectors can sell their recyclables.

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