The plight of young women and in Sakubva

by Rutendo Makamure

In Sakubva most of the women and girls are being abused in one way or the other. They are either physically abused, neglected, financially abused, sexually exploited or raped and most of them are forced to engage in sexual activities because of poverty and hunger. Most of the high school girls are now into drugs and they end up dropping off from school and have unplanned pregnancies. Furthermore, in Sakubva, there are sexual activities hot spots and you will see very young girls there. All this is caused by hunger, poverty and some of the families are child headed and also some men have extra marital homes so it would be very difficult for women and young girls to support their families so they will prefer to do sexual activities for money or food for the family. And some men in Sakubva are taking advantage of young girls with disabilities and they will have sex with them for free for their own benefits and because of some false beliefs that if you have sex with a person with disability you will be healed from HIV and Aids.

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