The plight of small-scale businesses at Limbuli Trading Center

by Patrick Chihami

Eight years have passed since the construction of the new Limbuli Market in Malawi which unfortunately has never come to an end as planned. Corruption by the Mulanje District Council officials, the construction company and trading center top leaders like old market chairman emerged to be the main contributing factor.

Surprisingly, the government through the District Council, demolished the small old market and forced people to start using the facility despite being in the unfinished state as such it doesn’t have toilets, electricity, waste disposal sites and store rooms just to mention a few. As a sign of dissatisfaction, people have been demonstrating for better conditions but nothing has changed and this has led to street vending.

To prevent further inconveniences like increase in cases of road accidents and high accumulation of wastes in the streets, the government should finish the construction process for the facility to satisfy all business people. This will show the seriousness of the government in achieving 2063 Vision where improvement of market facilities saves as one way of developing small scale businesses across Malawi.

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