The Impact of COVID-19 on the poor

No one planned or was ready for such a distraction caused by covid 19, these has also changed the minds of many people, has killed 2020 plans that people had.

Poor people are the most troubled and unemployment became actively more with covid 19 presence in our lives.

Covid 19 did not choose who to attack, who to mentally and physically harm, no age nor race affected but all race is affected, no height nor the size of the body is affected.

Poor people are the most hit by these pandemic with regard to food security, for many people are not working but rely on someone to assist with food.

In Orlando West the community get food supplies from the centre where the community have to register as food beneficiaries to get food.

I realized that even young women are affected not only because of the pandemic but by unemployment that is raising and for many people have been retrenched these will cause even more damage in the mind of many people.

Kids also go to the centre to get food supplies and social workers are also present to assist the community.

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