Teenage Pregnancy and HIV

Having a child at a young age is a major problem for you women. Young women experience a lot of pressure from boyfriends and older men for unprotected sex. They do not appear strong enough to resist this pressure. The result is that their education comes to an end, they have greater financial burdens and risk STI’s and HIV.

“The department of education has introduced life skills in schools as part of the curriculum, the department of health and other organizations has been involved in educating young woman about safe sex, condom use, STis and pregnancy. Despite that effort young women drop schools because they are pregnant. Some young as 15-16 years reported the father of their babies they are the same age while some said they have older boy friends”

“The worst part is that the leave school because they are very shy and their partners continue with their education while the sitting at home. You lucky if you only get pregnant in some is a double blow because they find out they are HIV positive”

“Despite teachings at school that has to do with life skills to make young woman to choose a better way of living many of which they get caught in a situation that they are promised money by their boyfriends to only sleep with them and don’t use protection.”

“ The hurting part is these young woman know what must be done but because someone has uttered the word money and the everything stops, they forget what was taught in class for life skills goes together with self-control or self-discipline and if none of these will be remembered in the heat of the moment that’s when  many of the young woman find themselves in a situation that is uncalled for and become parents at an early age.”

“Many of the young woman end dropping out from school because of they are ashamed to be seen pregnant at that age although self-discipline is there but it depends on how is used to be able to safe guard themselves from being teen mother’s as well as single parents at that age and end up giving up school, having low self-esteem and depressed because of the situation that they are now single parents and teen’s, think that there are no more opportunities for them because they are drop outs, one mistake that many of the parents don’t do is to be talk with these young woman so that what they learn or taught at school should build inside and that self-discipline should be released from within.”

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