Sefikile village worried about the reopening of mines

by Amo Tshabalala in Sefikile Village

Statistics around COVID-19 are not good and the changes announced pertaining the mining sector expose us as mining host communities we feel much exposed to the pandemic. The major question is, what are the plans in place for the mine to keep us and their employees safe? What is most worrying is the fact that the numbers are rising even though when people are maintaining social distancing. Even though COVID-19 regulations stipulate that there should not be a gathering of not than 50 people but there will be more than 50 people. What safety measures are in place? Mr President must do the right thing and stop all the mines who made the call outs to their employees to return to work as it will be affecting the mining host communities. One wonders the very essence of staying at home if mining companies are to conduct business as usual as this puts the workers’ families and the entire community at risk.

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