Residents suffer from diarrhea due to unsafe water

By Bukhosi Nyamuwona

Tshabalala Extension and Nketa residents suffered from diarrhea after consuming contaminated water which smelt like sewage.

The incident happened after the watershed between the dates of 22 to 25 of November. When the water came back after the water shed, the water coming out of the taps rigged of sewage smell and was dirty.

A warning of chain messages were sent to residential Whatsapp groups by those who had noticed. Unfortunately, a number of the residents did not receive the warning and suffered from diarrhea and pain in the abdomen.

Beauty Gororo, a Tshabalala extension resident commented that she is really upset as her and her entire family suffered from diarrhea. Another resident who chose to remain anonymous in Nketa 6 thought he was the only one who was experiencing pain but was shocked to hear he wasn’t the only one and is really disappointed in the water services. This is an outcry to the Bulawayo City Council to provide safe and clean water to protect the health of its citizens.

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