Reforestation and afforestation key in mitigating the impacts of climate change

By Alick Sinkala

Replanting of the trees that have been cut down and planting of new trees are amongst the solutions to reduce the impacts of climate change in the world. Climate keeps on changing due to a lot of factors and as a result there have been a disturbance in terms of coldness and hotness as well as the rain cycle. Also when trees are not enough, the carbon cycle is disturbed as well as shelter for birds and other living things that dwell in trees. It must start with the government going down to individuals to take it seriously when it comes to planting of trees. Imagine if whole of this area in the picture in Kasama forest Northern Province of Zambia had trees, the impacts of climate change would be reduced. Teachers in schools should also engage their learners in this act. Also community leaders and general people should be sensitized about the importance of tree planting.

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