Rate of early marriages worrying

by Sasha N Mwenya and Kesmas C N

The problem of early marriages is a worrying one. The issue is specifically in rural areas like Northern Province in Kasama (Chiba), Zambia. It’s usually happening to young women because of lack knowledge, they drop out of school, unplanned teenage pregnancies, lack of support or sponsorship for their education and last but not the least peer pressure. Mostly girls are affected for instance if a girl falls pregnant she will drop out of school and get married whilst the person responsible for the pregnancy continues with school or some other things.

In Kasama, 65% of girls out of 100% are being married off which is not helping in the development of the country and we feel parents are responsible for marrying off their children at a tender age rather than encouraging their children to go to school or doing other constructive things that can help them develop. So we suggest children should be taught about the negative impacts of early marriages and teenage pregnancies so as to reduce the problem.

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