Poor management plunges Zimbabwe local authorities into serious problems

by Tanaka Swae

In an interview with citizens from different parts of Zimbabwe, we noted some concerns that have plunged our local authorities in Zimbabwe. We managed to interview Mr Murabukwa from Ruwa who highlighted the water shortages which have greatly affected the community as they are now facing a high risk of cholera outbreak. He further alluded that people have even resorted to digging wells which is an unsafe alternative source of water.

Our journalists further interviewed citizens from Glen view in their nation wide out reach and they put out their concerns pertaining poor infrastructure, poor road network and transport shortages due to the transport monopolization by ZUPCO.

We tried to engage the Councilors but it was futile as their phones were not reachable and some of them rubbish our engagements to reasons best known to themselves. Further engagements shall be made as we try to bring the truth to light

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