Poor drainage affects roads in Epworth

by Rosalia Guvamombe

In the high density suburb of Epworth in Harare, most of the roads have been rocked by poor drainage as the rain season has started. One major road which pass in front of Kuwirirana Disabled Center has been hit by poor drainage since the onset of the rains. The center has been disadvantaged by this problem since all the dirt waters splashed by motor vehicles get to their verandas. The caretaker of the center said this problem has caused tough times since the council is not doing anything to improve the drainage systems of the roads. The major cause of this problem is that some parts of Epworth were built on wetlands hence nature will not forget itself. The writer went on to see the Chairperson of Epworth Local Board about roads issue and he said the challenge being faced is that the council does not have enough resources to cater for the problems faced in the community since the residents are not paying their rates. The council is saying residents should pay first then service delivery will be improved.

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