Point of view-citizens must be consulted in issues that affect them

by Amo Tshabalala

We are being left outside in most critical decisions and as citizens I think we need to be part and parcel of every decision that affects us especially in the COVID-19 crisis. I have observed that most people don’t understand what Corona virus is and it is unfortunate that people are advised to do what they did not take part in. The people who agree with everything said by the President are the ones are the ones whose history of survival are rooted in the political history of the ANC and do not have a clue of what consultation means. This is the matter that we all have to take up. A lot has happened since the the time coronavirus pandemic broke out, but we have never been consulted on decisions made this far. We have seen the outsourcing of Cuban doctors but citizens were never involved. I do believe that we do have people with the same experience as the 2000 Cuban doctors but we are nowhere to be found cause of the decisions made by President Cyril.

Those are the things that makes me wonder if am I really a South African citizen. We’re young people and we have children to look after and it is important for us to actively participate in public decisions. We need to be taken seriously but it’s up to citizens to demand this right. Some of the mine workers now understand the risk associated with this virus, and they think going to work is very risky as some of them already refused to go back to work. They say its risky for them and their families but so somehow they don’t have a choice they are bound to show up at work.

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