Open ditches, a cause for concern for Epworth residents

By Rosalia Guvamombe

The case of open lands is worrisome to nearby houses in Glenwood Park, Epworth. The land was invaded by construction trucks digging pit-sand for sale thereby causing very wide pits which are now developing to deep ditches. Nearby residents are worried since these are death pools for children during rainy season. The other worrisome activity being done is people have turned these into dumping sites. Furthermore these ditches are widening towards already built houses thereby causing unstableness of the foundation of the houses. The writer engaged the Councilor of the Ward 3 concerning this issue and he said the land was not supposed to be sold as a residential area since it was already in a bad state , but the council sold the land in that bad state and they are now saying its the responsibility of the owner of the stands to fill in the ditches. The council said they will only chip in when the owner has approached them to help.

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