Ntabi concerned about people taking coronavirus for granted

by Nthabi in Orlando Soweto…I am a 30 year old mother of two and i am concerned about the number of issues that i have been witnessing around my Area here in Orlando, Soweto and it breaks my heart and disturbs me as a mother. One of the issues is non compliance by the community where people are not respecting the rules and regulations of the lock down treating corona virus lightly. Gauteng has the highest number of people who tested positive and in Africa South Africa has the highest number of infected people. If only can people listen and do what they have been asked to do, stay home and only go out when it is really necessary. I am also worried about the economy and how i am going to survive if it happens that the lock down is extended because no one has the answer as to when exactly the pandemic will end. in face of break-ins of bottle stores, I wonder if we are safe here.

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