No Water for Cape Town residents.

by Simon.

Residents of the southern suburbs of Cape Town from Plumstead, Wynberg, Claremont to Mowbray had no running water from their taps from Thursday, 7 March to Friday morning 2019. This is because of bursting of the main supply underground water pipe in Wynberg. The water shortages affected residents who were not informed of how long it will take for the pipes to be fixed. Water and sanitation workers from the City of Cape Town with heavy duty trucks and machinery were still trying to fix the damaged underground water pipes on Friday. People had to sleep and wake up with no running water. The main concern is that so much water has been lost as it was oozing out and flowing into the water drainage system. Cape Town has good infrastructure, roads, electricity, public parks and more. One of the biggest challenge is that the city’s infrastructure is too old and it is struggling to cope with a huge influx of people into this city.

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