No joy for internally displaced communities as Africa celebrates the Day of Food and Nutrition Security

by Yollander Millin

30 October is Africa Day of Food and Nutrition Security, but it is sad to note that residents in internally displaced communities, and other marginalized communities in and around Bulawayo, have over the COVID 19 pandemic period, fallen way below the poverty datum line, and have become increasingly food insecure.

While NGOs, donors, and well-wishers have tried to bridge the gap, the government is encouraged to allocate funds towards social security so that the dignity of internally displaced people can be preserved especially in times of distress.

Women, children, and youths are currently dominating the statistics of the most food insecure in Zimbabwean communities, as shown in the World Food Program reports, and the government should be proactive in gender mainstreaming and youth inclusion in its development plans to eradicate poverty and hunger.

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