Negligence causing malaria spike in Machinga, Malawi

by Tadala Chiomba

T/A Mposa is one of the areas in Machinga, Malawi doing well in rice farming of which the farming fields are usually waterlogged leading to water stagnation. The majority of the stagnant water is a habitat for mosquitoes which hatches into millions of mosquitoes. Some deaths in the area have been due to malaria hence making it almost impossible to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 3 which aspires to ensure good health and well-being for all which Malawi committed.

According to Elisha Raphael, Mposa health worker said that the main cause of this problem is ignorance and negligence among people in the community as they are making unnecessary holes and deep pits knowingly pretty well that it is almost rain season despite the waterlogged fields which are already rooms for mosquitoes. He said it is a concern to the whole community since everyone living in this area is affected.

He further said that, him and his fellow health workers are encouraging communities to get rid of pits around their homes that are likely to contain water over a period. He said communities should avoid having stagnant water around their houses as they are about to distribute mosquito nets and deliver key messages on malaria disease prevention. Hopefully, in 2022 they will register low malaria cases compared to this year.

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