Need for awareness raising in Sefikile Village

by Amo Tshabalala in Sefikile Village, North West Province under Moses Kotane Local Municipal

I asked my family about COVID-19 and none of them understand what it is all about. I had to explain it them in a way that I do understand it and explain it easy for everyone to understand My mom said that President Ramaphosa must take this Corona thing back to where it came from. When i explained to them, they were frightened and realised that some people are ignorant about the crisis we are faced with. Some of the questions asked include:
1) Since this is a virus, will it be cured?
2)Is it going to be treated like HIV and AIDS since they are also viruses?
3)If soap and hygienic issues can help one from not contracting the virus, why is ts so hard for us as South Africans to get cure?

All these questions make sense and someone can follow on them and do more research about hygienic stuff. And I also shared how this will affect people’s jobs in SOUTH AFRICA. My family is concerned about the unemployment rate and that if it happens that way,people will again lose jobs then it becomes a longtime problem.

Proper education to our people is more important and South Africa as a whole. Let there be women and children at the center of everything that we do and say, they also need to be catered and cared for and be protected as well. However, everyone in the village is abiding by the rules and regulations of the lockdown.

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