Learning taken to WhatsApp

Rapule Moiloa in Tembisa Ekurhuleni

Teachers in Lesotho did not allow the lock down period to disrupt education nor put education on hold due to the current situation that has struck the world and forced countries to be on lock down but have decided to be in contact with parents and learners using WhatsApp as an educational platform so that learners may continue learning. They are affording learners at least three days per week from 5pm to 8pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Learners submit their work on Friday via Whatsapp. There seems to be clear coordination between teachers and parents as they hold children to account in cases where learners fail to do the needful.

Meanwhile…Parents fears and concerns are not just about kids going back to school, how many schools are vandalised or food that will be served at schools to the learners but their kids’ health and safety. The question is how will schools monitor learners in lower grades for children play any how? how will social distancing be maintained in classes during lunch hour and after school and will the educators be able to handle the pressure of seeing to it that rules and regulations are followed, are schools prepared to manage the risk? However instead of parents chilling out in the street doing nothing but talking about things that are not of use to children it is better for them to educate children about corona virus and prepare them for back to school in this crisis.

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