Is drug and substance abuse cause of school dropout or vice versa?

by Abigail Jele

Residents of Mbabane Cooperation, a semi urban area in Mbabane East, Hhohho Region in Eswatini has experienced an increase of teenage boys dropping out of school. The boys have been seen in various shops, including spaza shops (formal and informal) selling and consuming intoxicating drugs and substances.

According to Muzi Dlamini (not real name), a resident of the Cooperation said that this is an issue that needs to be dealt with to secure the future of the young boys in the country.

“The rate of substance abuse by adolescent boys and young man at Cooperation is a cause for concern. Adolescent boys have dropped out of school, some due to lack of finances and some for unknown reasons. The adolescent boys and young man should be at school or else crime rate escalate. Government should ensure that adolescent and young men who should be at school must be at school, regardless of their situation,” he said.

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