Inequality during lockdown

By Anonymous

The past days when Ramaphosa was talking about the carefew, ristrictions and other adjustments of the lockdown since South Africa has reached the 1 million mark of cases.
To be honest the law it’s not fair as there are those who can who have more than 50 people at the funeral of a well known person regardless of the ristrictions that were spoken or tabled by Ramaphosa before Xmas of 2020.

We must accept that there is inequality in South Africa be it facing the pandemic or not as people who attended the burial are having after tears which Ramaphosa said it is forbidden and the number of people who attended the burial was over 50 the question is, it because the person is well known or what and if it was someone who is not well known what could have happened for there were no law enforcement monitoring south Africa has a high level of inequality regardless of the pandemic

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