Gloomy 2021 Christmas for Dangamvura Residents

by Jussa Kudherezera

Residents of Dangamvura suburbs have nothing much to celebrate this coming Christmas especially after the water pipeline has failed to yield its two-year promises. The City Council has since issued a statement in 2019 that the pipeline would easy their water problems and two years down the line the promise has not yet been fulfilled. Residents were expecting that by now the nightmares of searching for water by midnight was coming to a halt. Although the Mayor has repeated said there is no room for failure it seems the words are not convincing judging from what is obtaining on the ground. Residents from Dangamvura whom we interviewed expressed concern that they were not happy with the City Fathers since their promises were taking too long to be fulfilled.

The promises were announced as far back as 2019 and by the end of this 2021 the project is still not completed. City Council is consistent when it comes to bringing the papers for water payment and giving the service is the headache. In terms of service delivery, the water project has proved to be inadequate. During the Christmas period there is going to be a lot of movement and without adequate water supplies there is high probability of having diseases sprouting because of water shortages especially to the residents of Dangamvura in Mutare.

The residents’ associations in Mutare have been lobbying and advocating for speedy completion of the project so that Dangamvura residents would also enjoy the services like other residents around Mutare. With adequate water supply, Mutare has proved to be strategic destination for both business and tourism. The water pipeline has no sign of being completed anytime soon. There are a lot of places that still need attention for progress to be seen. The rest of the residents are also crying concerning potholes that have been a talk of the day. Citizens are paying their rates and are wondering where their funds are being diverted to. There is a generation of kids in Dangamvura who have not seen water coming out on the tapes and it is going to be a party when the 2019 promises will be fulfilled. Residents are crying for services commensurate to their rates they are paying. The Dangamvura quarry project that was halted after a cry by the residents was even going to disturb the finishing of the water pipeline. The blasting was going to affect the pipeline underground and causing permanent damage to the project.

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