Girls warned against backyard abortions

By Jane Nkiwane and Phakamani Moyo

At times girls who find themselves faced with an unplanned pregnancy opt for abortion. However since abortion is illegal in Zimbabwe, most women end up opting for backyard abortion. In high density suburbs where poverty is rife, women there are the most affected. Jane Moyo, a resident from Makokoba constituency said abortion is very dangerous and can lead to death. ” I know of a few high school children in this area who almost died due to backyard abortions and the environment where they do these procedures are not friendly, I urge local residents to report people who offer these services so that we protect the lives of our children.” she said. According to World Health Organization, unsafe abortion is a procedure for terminating a pregnancy by someone who has no professional skills set by health standards. The main reason that leads girls to perform unsafe abortion is stigma that comes with being pregnant and not married. Moyo highlighted that women who undergo unsafe abortion procedures are bound to suffer from mental health problems as there are no counseling services offered before and after the procedure ” Most young girls suffer from depression, and some have feelings of guilt lingering

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