Former Minister urges Bulawayo citizens to keep the city clean

By Mabel Khumalo

Former Minister of Education, Sports, Arts and Culture, David Coltart has urged Bulawayo citizens to take part in keeping the city clean.

“Bulawayo’s streets and open areas have become a disgrace. The amount of litter in our streets and open areas is growing daily and our once beautiful city looks unkempt,” he said in his social media account. He said that the point of his blog was certainly not to glorify the small efforts he also takes to help keep litter off Bulawayo streets but to encourage every citizen to take action to stop the rot. “All of us can afford to spend a little time cleaning up outside our homes, and outside our businesses. If every person decided to clean up, the city would be transformed within a week,” he wrote.

He further suggested that people need to be educated about the bad effects of littering. He also urged residents to report companies and individuals who dump litter at an industrial scale, as they needed to be prosecuted for mass land pollution. “We need to develop a new culture of pride in our city, and it starts with those of us who have the capacity to clean up where ever we can,” added Coltart.

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