Extra lessons worries parents in Zimbabwe’s Epworth surbub.

by Rosalia Guvamombe

Parents in Epworth are lamenting poor access to education of their children since the onset of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.The state of education is deteriorating, parents are forced to pay doubled fees for their children to get at least better  knowledge in their various grades. This means parents are paying school fees to the school at approximately $US$30.00 per term and teachers are asking parents to pay an extra US$10 per month for extra lessons. These challenges are affecting parents especially women who are forced to part ways with their hard earned money to pay for a service which must be provided for free or even at minimal cost by the government. Some teachers in these primary schools are asking those children who did not pay for extras lessons to go home leaving behind the paid up ones. This is affecting the children a lot as it is promoting discrimination amongst the children and also further widening the inequality gap. However these issues were discussed in a community dialogue meeting on the 1st of February 2022 where the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption (ZACC) was the guest. Other corruption issues were also discussed and ZACC promised to act upon these issues if evidence is provided.

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