Divisions amongst youths, a cause for concern

By Nothando Nodol Hadebe

In Matsheumhlophe, specifically around Harwich road and Cardwell in Bulawayo, the community is divided and it doesn’t help that in between houses there’s still a plot of land awaiting construction. It is as if the people in the neighborhood live in different universes. Lack of interaction amongst youths due to fears of being judged based on social status has led to the grooming of introverts that are not familiar with each other. They are mere strangers to each other. There is a lack of solidarity in the area. The only thing that connects them is the fact they live in the same neighborhood other than that the connection is nonexistent. The divisions and lack of unity amongst youths undermine their efforts to work together for the betterment of their lives. This means that they find it difficult to find points of convergence to demand and defend their rights.

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