Crime in schools

People of Gamogashoa village have been shocked by the latest crime that happened at Mogashoa Primary School and Motlake Creche in April 2018. At Motlake Creche thieves cut a whole in the fence to get inside the premises, broke a window to get in and steal food. Same thing happened at Mogashoa Primary School few days before Easter. The school is on NSNP (National School Nutrition Participants) and really disappointing for people to steal children’s food. It is not for the first time that people broke into the school and Creche premises. The school, creche and church are located next to a cemetery and only one side is visible to the main road. There are also empty houses next to the creche. Crime is a serious problem as people are unemployed and most of the children are SASSA grant beneficiaries. There are no street lights, the trees & aloes make the place darker at night. On 6 May 2019 one community member’s money was stolen.

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