Covid 19, 350 Sassa grant application

by Rapule Moiloa

When Covid 19, 350 Sassa grant was announced by Cyril Ramaphosa who stated that the application will be opened for unemployed people in South Africa, many people applied for the grant and many people went to apply for the grant regardless of the amount many of the people who have already applied have not received.

There are those who recieved the grant once or twice after the announcement of the relief grant but others have not because it said is that they are Irp5 registered that’s the reason why they have not been able to get the money from Sassa including me because its a game of pending and decline application since the first day of the application.

This shows that the department rely on the previous information, Sassa does not find ways to communicate with applicants it is found that they Irp5 registered to hear from them because what they use is old data from SARs hence there’s corruption because those working there don’t communicate to hear from us as unemployed applicants, they must change their system of working or approach to such.

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