Coronavirus infect all and sundry- That it only affects rich people is a myth

By Buti Botopela…in Ikemeleng community. As at 15 March 2020,the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a state of disaster, responding to COVID-19 cases which had been reported. The message shared is loud and clear that we must slow down the spread of this virus in order for us to be able to respond to all the health needs in our communities. I personally felt that my life is at risk . Ikemeleng community is made up of multi African nationals and many don’t even know, what COVID – 19 is. What does it mean when people say it’s lock down? In Ikemeleng community, move around freely and they only disappear when they see the police and soldiers moving around the community streets making sure that people are safe and indoors.
I interviewed 3 of the community members whose names can’t be revealed.

I asked them about what coronavirus and lockdown means to them. Their response was that coronavirus only infect the rich people and not poor people.COVID – 19 is increasing poverty within the community. They even told me that they are not going to sleep with empty stomachs as they depend on piece jobs to feed their families. The situation is getting worst daily. What trajectory or what path this pandemic will take is uncertain.

We all need to help the government slowdown the spread of this virus by complying with the rules set out through avoiding visiting others and playing together especially the kids should stay home and indoors.

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