Clogged trenches result in flooding at Hillside Shopping Center

by Sharon Mautsi

As the country continues to receive rains this summer, shoppers at Hillside shopping center have been subjected to flooded pavements and streets due to poor drainage systems aided by garbage clogged trenches. Local service delivery once again fails the residents- with irregular refuse collection and very few to no public bins from the City Council at Hillside shopping center. Residents have been presented with two options, either to taking their refuse back into their homes, or as suggested by one Councillor; “transport it into the bins in the CBD”, to which they have resorted to the unconventional option of taking their refuse to the trenches. This, results in clogged trenches and blocked drainage systems, thus the flooding.

Pedestrians and motorists trying to access several shops including the hardware shop, the pet shop and the restaurant face difficulties moving around after the rains as the whole area is flooded with an overflow of the water from the clogged trenches.

The Bulawayo City Council is urged made proper planning in preparation for the rains; clearing of trenches, fixing drainage systems and harvesting of this water for recycling.

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