Bulawayo water consumption worries the city authorities

One of Bulawayo’s, Zimbabwe’s second-largest city, water major supply dams, Umzingwane Dam, is expected to be decommissioned next month, leaving the city with five supply dams.

Water levels at the dam stood at 16% as of 20 September 2021, according to the latest council minutes. Lower Ncema was 80% full, followed by Insiza at 73%, Mtshabezi at 70%, Inyankuni at 59%, and Upper Ncema at 42%. In total, Bulawayo dams were 61% full. The local authority, which once introduced a 144-hour water-shedding programme is concerned about high water consumption which recently reached 185 megalitres a day. It said the awareness campaigns being held were not bearing any fruits, as such, dam levels were going down very fast

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