Bulawayo NGO’s donate to Donga Primary School

A coalition of three local Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) based in Bulawayo during their outreach program introduced new technology and also donated stationery to students at Donga Primary School in Binga district,Matebeland North. The local NGOs namely, Ulwazi Technologies, Touch The World Foundation and Young people for Jesus Foundation donated a a number of essential items including stationery, sanitary wear, and sanitizers. During the out reach they also carried out career guidence session, encouraging the students to take up STEM based careers in future. The children were also introduced to new technology gadgets in a bid to close the digital gap.

Speaking on the side lines of the outreach program YPJF president Shylette Ngwenya, a medicine student at the University of Zimbabwe said as a former student in Binga there is hope for the children to rise from poverty if they concentrate on their studies and attain good profesional skills in future. ” I hope the children will be inspired by my academic achievements, as I also come from the same environment, girls should not rush to become married or seek jobs as maids once they are matured enough, but should dream big.”

Lack of development and technological advancement was visible on the school premises as the school yard still has mud grass thatched class rooms as well as only one modern class room block consisting of only two classrooms.
The founder of Ulwazi Technologies Mthokozosi Moyo, who facilitated tech education and career guidence during the outreach said that tech education should be prioritsed in remote schools given the digital divide gap. “Children in Binga live in one of the remotest part of the country and most of them they do not get a chance to see or use even a laptop or smartphone yet they are one of the most intelligent and innovative minds.” he said.

According to Moyo every child has a dream but most of their dreams are crushed by lack of opportunity.” Ulwazi Technologies mission is to use technology to develop remote communities and we are prepared to groom the young minds to adopt new technology in future” .
After the end of the outreach the School Headmaster of Donga Primary expressed his gratitude towards their kind gesture and assured them that the children were inspired especially by Ngwenya who is a former student in Binga who prevailed despite the obstacles and circumstances.

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