Bulawayo City Council failing to service dysfunctional traffic lights

by Sharon Mautsi

Bulawayo motorists are facing challenges navigating as there are dysfunctional traffic lights at corner 5th Street and 9th Ave in the Bulawayo Central Business District. It has been the case since the morning of Friday the 5th of November 2021.

However, in another scenario Corner 23rd and Burnside Road traffic lights have not been functional for the past 2weeks even after reporting to Bulawayo City Council. Sadly, this being a main road it is very busy during peak hours and there are many accidents that occur in this area.

Although this might be of great concern to motorists who frequently use the road, the urgency is not seen from the local authority which is not attending the issue at hand. In the past, they have taken 3months to attend to the D-Square intersection traffic lights, therefore, the local authority seems to have a consistency in their disservice to tax payers. The absence of fully functional traffic lights in the city continues to become a life threatening problem.

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