Art exhibition for visual arts and crafters

Art exhibition for visual arts and crafters was held on 19 March 2019 at Achievers Theatre, Tsimanyane Ga Matlala. The exhibition was organized by Limpopo Federation of Community Arts Centers (LIFCAC) for the district municipalities of Limpopo i.e. Vhembe,Sekhukhune, Mopani, Waterberg and Capricorn and the one for the 19th was for Sekhukhune District Municipality.

People made traditional attire, wedding dresses, traditional music instruments, kitchen utensils, pictures drawn on paper and boards using pencil and paint. There were ‘Mogopo’ and ‘Legopo’ that was used for pap and meat or ‘morogo’ in Bapedi culture and walking sticks made from wood. Ice cream sticks were also used to build little houses. What inspired me was two ladies who published books at a very young age. Mr Kgolane from Mamone advised people not to throw away animal skins as they can be used to make shoes, drums, attire, Ntepa and so many things. There was a woman who also said that by her hands she was able to send his son to University.

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