by Lucky…At last the water stressed community in Marapong got water from the local Lephalale Municipality. Those who are living in informal settlements are at high risk of coronavirus. During lockdown period, people use water continuosly because they are supposed to wash hands frequently and bath not mentioning all activities that need water when people are indoors. People got water and that’s a relief but my concern is that they are those who are not able to buy sanitizers or afford soap to wash their hands due to the fact that they are unemployed and poverty stricken. When they come to fetch water they open and close the taps without washing their hands. What if someone with the virus have used the tap? Their children won’t be able to play inside their tin houses the whole day and that means they will be unnecessary movements and touchings and most of informal settlements don’t have yards and gates. During this lockdown period let’s prioritise people who are leaving in informal settlements, rural areas and people who are nunemployed and those who are taking medication that need them to eat frequently. Part of Marapong informal settlements now receive water today.

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