Month: Dec 2019

The Effects of Climate Change

By Mmabore Mogashoa It is September in Limpopo, South Africa. Some days feel like it is still winter, very cold, or it is August because its windy and dusty is everywhere. Some days are extremely hot, and the…

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House breaking in the neighbourhood of Palm Springs

No Picture

By Rapule Moiloa House breaking has become fashionable. In some cases, it’s not about being unemployed or that one cannot create work for themselves, but it’s a case of being hooked up in drugs. Someone in his 30’s…

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Unemployment Driving the Selling of Fake Products in Soweto

By Rapule Moiloa Unemployment is a serious problem growing daily, many people loosing their jobs through restructuring and other reasons that affect mostly poor people. In many cases people often seek for other ways to create employment for…

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