Wind wreak havoc in Hurungwe

Over 10 homesteads and a school were extensively damaged following strong winds that swept through the Nyamutora area of Hurungwe District last Friday.

Some families had entire homesteads razed to the ground leaving families in the open and in need of humanitarian assistance.

Vuti Primary School suffered extensive damage after the strong winds blew off asbestos sheets and some furniture.

Hurungwe District Development Coordinator confirmed the development.

“I am getting confirmation from the councillor and village heads in the affected area,” said the District Development Coordinator.

“It did not rain but there were just strong winds.”

The strong winds hit the area last Friday afternoon amid indications that some people could have been injured or lost their lives had it occurred during the night when people were sleeping.

Thunderstorms accompanied by strong winds hit Vuti Primary School on the same day causing damages estimated at around US$2 300.

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