Tubatse Steel Bridge must be given attention

By Mmabore Mogashoa

On 28 May 2021 as I was coming back home from fa cultural event at Fetakgomo Tubatse area, at around 1600hrs, there was a convoy which forced motorists to make use of road sides to avoid the convoy which worsened the traffic at Tubatse Steel Bridge. Motorists use the bridge to the R555 road which is used by trucks, buses, taxis and all kinds of cars allowed on the road. The end of a beautiful cultural day was ruined, by the time we passed the bridge it was almost 2000hrs. The bridge has only one lane and it is being used by lot of people from all the provinces of South Africa. The road inside have bumps which makes driving uncomfortable. The construction of the bridge was delayed and this has brought a lot of frustration to the road users. If there are strikes people also block the bridge and that is another problem. The bridge is more that 60 years old. Another bridge should be constructed or upgrades should be done to avoid more problems.

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