Teenage pregnancies and drug abuse- Local pandemics in Zimbabwe’s Matebeleland province

by Nothando Nodol Hadebe

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown regulations which were implemented since 2020 as a mitigation strategy against the spread of the pandemic which saw schools closing in the Matebeleland region, an increase in teenage pregnancies, and drug abuse was witnessed. With the COVID-19 induced lockdowns, more people resorted to selling drugs and the victims were teenagers.

School-going teenage girls in Mahatshula had to compromise their schoolwork by being impregnated and unfortunately some being impregnated by one man.

Although more peaceful anti-drug campaigns have been conducted by local churches, there is still a need to educate kids on the effects of drugs and their connection to their sexual activities and health.

According to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, last term, Bulawayo had at least 63 girls dropping out of school due to pregnancy-related issues.

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